Trade documents price list

Fees for the foreign trade documents confirmed and issued by the Finnish Chambers of Commerce:

Original document 30,- € 
Copy 16,- € 

Special Certificates  
Pricing category I 45,- € 
Pricing category II 75,- € 
Pricing category III 120,- € 
Copy 16,- € 

Basis for fees

The Delegation of the Finland Chamber of Commerce annually confirms the basis for the fees for the foreign trade documents confirmed and issued by the Finnish Chambers of Commerce at its Annual Autumn Meeting.   


Certificates of Origin (CO), commercial invoices and other foreign trade documents are included in this pricing category. 

Special Certificates 

Special Certificates are documents issued on client’s request and written on the Chamber of Commerce logo paper. There are three pricing categories for these Certificates: 

I. The first pricing category includes Certificates which are completed and confirmed based on the documents provided by the client and there is no need for additional information. 

II. The second pricing category includes Certificates completing of which needs additional information, for example taking contact with authorities for checking and receiving addtional information on the case.  

III. The third pricing category includes Force Majeure Certificates and other similar Certificates.