Frequently asked questions

How do you change the admin user?

If your admin user changes or becomes new, please refill the authorization document and email to your Chamber of Commerce. The company should have only one valid authorization document, so please note that all main users (new/old) should be entered on this new authorization document.

How do you add or remove users?

The admin user is responsible for user management, meaning he/she can add and delete users. Admin user’s name can only be deleted by another administrator or by a staff member of the Chamber of Commerce.

The admin user logs inside to the service and selects a cogwheel icon in the upper right corner of the service. There's basic company information and user listing. Using ADD USER button, the admin user can add a new user. The admin user can delete the user, from the three points on the user: remove the user from the company.

The user created by admin user will receive a username (email address) in their email and will be able to set the password according to the instructions stated on the -mail. If the user does not receive the message, user should check the spam.

My email address changes. What should I do?

In the service, the user's email address cannot be changed. Company’s admin user deletes the old user and creates a new one according to the instructions above.

Changes occur in my user data. What should I do?

Each user can change their first and last name in my account of the service (the upper right corner of the person icon). When the email changes, contact the admin user.

I've forgotten my password. What to do?

Change the password through the “Forgot Password” function. If you do not get the code needed to change the password to your email, check your spam folder if the message had ended up there. If this doesn't help, please contact your own Chamber of Commerce.

How are the origin verified and what documentation is needed?

See the Guide for European Union Certificates of Origin for more details.

Our client wants more than one copy of the certificate of origin. What should I do?

The Chamber of Commerce can issue only one original certificate of origin (original and archive copy). The copy included on the document set is only for archive purposes of your company, i.e. if you need additional copies, select the number of additional copies you need on the service.

Can you stamp the certificate of origin to the past? How about beforehand?

Principally the Certificate of Origin is always dated on the current date. If the Certificate of Origin has to be dated retrospectively because of the export related reasons, the Chamber of Commerce has the right to date it to the past for a maximum of three weeks. An exception can be the letter of credit (for example: the date has to be the same as in the Bill of Lading). In this case the Certificate of Origin can be dated retroactively for a maximum of three months. In these situations, besides of the normal documents that are needed for the certificate of origin application, also a proof of the export (eg. Bill of Lading or Airway Bill) is needed to be attached to the application.

The certificate of origin cannot be stamped beforehand. As a rule, the certificate of origin’s date of issuance is the current day, ie. the day when the application is confirmed. The Chambers of Commerce issue Certificates of Origin and certify other documents on weekdays from 8-16.

What do I have to take into account, when printing the certificate of origin from the service?

The Certificates of Origin are printed in color on a normal A4 paper (printing instructions)

How can I use a previously issued certificate of origin as a template for a new certificate of origin?

You can access the archive by clicking the “Search archive” field on the left of the “New certificate of origin” and “New certified document” buttons. As a search word can be used the recipient’s or the contact person’s name, the document’s number (For example, the search “FI-E” shows the most recent certificates of origin documents), your own reference or a name of the certified document. Open the Certificate of Origin you wish to use as a template and choose “Use as template” button from the upper right side in the ACTIONS section.

What should I do if there is an error in the certificate of origin?

(a) If you have not yet sent the certificate of origin to the receiver, you can submit a new certificate of origin in the service. Please write on the additional information for the Chamber of Commerce- field why you are applying for a new certificate and the number of the incorrect certificate of origin. The old certificate of origin must be destroyed.

(b) If the certificate of origin has already been forwarded, in addition to the previous paragraph (a), there must be entered in the field 5. Remarks “This is a Replacement Certificate of Origin to replace the original Certificate of Origin No…issued on ….” The old certificate of origin must be destroyed.

The service doesn’t work properly, what can I do?

The website can be accessed with most generally used browsers. The service doesn’t work on the Internet Explorer. Even though the website works on most browsers, it is recommended to update your browser to the latest version available.

Opening and reading PDF-files requires a PDF-reader, for example Adobe-Reader.